Our Vision

The driving force behind Autofour Engineering is precision. The production process is tailored to achieve the highest standards of efficiency and we help our customers to meet the technical challenges of today's market place.

Autofour is now run by two of the original founding directors Malcolm Burdock and John Davies and they are aiming to provide a precision engineering service to industry.

The unique combination of traditional skills and advanced technology results in a flexible piece part manufacturing service of the highest calibre to Original Equiptment Manufacturer organisations across the aerospace, defence, medical and hydraulics industries.

The qualified workforce is a rare breed of craftsman. Their skill, experience and passion for excellence provide results that are accurate to .0025mm and their commitment to delivering a world class service to our client base is unparalleled.

Customer Satisfaction is Paramount

The vision of Autofour is to provide more than a precision manufacturing service. It is more than just using the latest technology and having a highly skilled workforce. It’s about providing a personal service which understands your problems and works in partnership with you to meet your deadlines and challenges.

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